Electrifying the vehicle market

With the vision to eliminate the island’s dependence on fossil fuels by 2030, Barbados has officially commenced a planned ‘phase out’ of the importation of gasoline and diesel vehicles and is encouraging the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) on the nation’s roads. Leading the way by upgrading its car fleet wherever possible with imported electric or hybrid models, the Government of Barbados will also be embarking on making significant improvements to the infrastructure on the island to support the electric car revolution. Studies are underway on the performance of particular brands of electric and hybrid vehicles and training courses are planned for mechanical technicians in order to ease this transition and provide assurance for local EV consumers.

What you need to know

In light of this, and other recent developments, interest in EVs has grown considerably. We anticipate an increased demand for the purchase (and hence shipping) of these types of vehicles to Barbados so you’ll want to find the best deals on quality vehicles that suit both the island landscape and your lifestyle before even considering importing an EV.

What are the benefits?

The dependence on imported fossil fuels into Barbados puts a big strain on the local economy, not to mention on the natural environment. Purchasing and driving an EV helps to address these burdens and in fact is comparatively less expensive to charge electronically than to top up with gas or diesel. EVs also tend to be faster than fossil fueled cars, their connection to technology is more advanced, and the design is heralded as far more innovative. The small island of Barbados is considered the perfect location for EVs, with the average local trip amounting to a short travel distance it is unlikely one would be required to make frequent stops to recharge.

Who sells them?

Numerous manufacturers worldwide are now producing EVs, with companies in the United Kingdom, USA, Europe, and Asia – just to name a few. There are new and used EVs for sale online on a variety of safe and secure platforms (including the official brand websites) for you to browse at your leisure and make a carefully considered purchase.

A smooth shipping experience

Once you’ve decided on the make and model/s of your choice, we’ll take the hard work out of shipping your electric vehicle to Barbados and guide you through the entire process. Our experienced Xpress staff provide professional service and are equipped to manage both low and high-volume shipping needs. 

We operate under the best industry standards in the shipping business so you can rest assured your imported EV will arrive safe and sound, in reasonable time, and ready to hit the road.

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